The Seek for ATTENTION

I recently went on a trip with my university’s History Club to the pyramids. Usually these events are announced via Facebook through an event made and inviting all the group members, the group isnt private or a secret so people can invite their friends and family members from out of GUC, which is cool with me but also means loads of strangers going out together on a trip.

So, where am I heading with this topic? Well! one of the founders or friend of the founder of the History club to be exact; a 32 year old male, gynacologist Doctor, who comes to every trip and never misses one, seemed to be such an attention seeker, especially from the ladies.
I did not want to be mean but that pissed me off like hell, because obviously he can be a nice and funny person to be with but he was OVER doing it. I could see he was annoyed that we did not, our small group of 4 girls and a boy, seek his attention and actually did not care that much. So, he kept on butting into our conversations and trying to bring up any topics with us and even stayed with us when we went around the Alex Castle Qaytbay (that was another trip).

It really freaked me out how a 32 year old adult was trying so hard to seek attention, isn’t he confident? Why and What made him so unsure of himself so much to be so desperate of a mere attention from other beings? Its not the first time I have ever noticed someone being like that, actually to be honest i have some friends who are exactly like him, and one of them i don’t mind it because i describe her attention need with over energized and that I like, her company makes me energetic and happy 😀
Does that make me a hypocrite?
I do not know but at least i know the faults of my friends and know how to deal with it and they would listen to me if i told them to lower it a notch but how could i deal with a complete stranger whom might take it as an offense or me seeking his attention :S.

I wish people would just be themselves, i would not say act because being yourself is not an act, its a fact, its the simplest thing in the world to do. The people whom won’t mind it, the ones who matter, are the ones that MATTER, NO ONE ELSE after that.

Always Remember to LOVE Yourself FIRST Before Seeking Others LOVE


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