Oh! How life can sometimes be sooooo predictable, ironic and sarcastic at times!
But sometimes its soo unpredictable, that whatever the future has hidden for a person might be scary for some….But i see Exciting and Interesting events. Events that will definitely shape your personality and characteristic more and more by time 😀 Good or Bad! Whatever it is!! We always hope for the best, from the fear of how we will ever handle a bad one! The fear of knowing that you do not control your life as much as you wish you can! The fear of knowing how weak you can be! 
Many people forget that its just another bump in the road, might shape differently, and look different from other obstacles you have encountered in your life but just think of it as another experience, another method of making yourself stronger, better and wiser.
I do not feel that worried, simply because THIS IS LIFE! We cannot run away from what’s coming up ahead in our life, whatever hidden behind these cloudy, rugged paths.
Without that unpredictability, the unseen, unknown future would make life just another lame, boring series, that do not even deserve to be made into another season, a movie or even into a theatrical drama!

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