New Adventure :D Intro.

Here I am at the Abu Dhabi International Airport, my first transit destination, sitting on the icy cold floor with an asleep and solidified butt 😛 with the probability of dozing off at any second unannounced, in front my boarding gate (GATE 33). What an amazing, clean, neat, beautiful and comfortable airport it is! Must admit the BEST airport I got to go to till now. There is FREE INTERNET ACCESS people…..FREE……soo freaking amazing 😀 Loving it! Especially that im sitting here chatting with my besties and my parents and bro. Thanks to you guys the 4 hours wait passed very quickly and seemed like 30 minutes.

Other than trying to pass my time by chatting, I noticed that the first time in a long time I don’t seek or find it interesting to check the status of my Facebook games and applications, but cared to message my friends and check on them only. Which if Tamer found out about it, would consider it a miracle! 😛 I guess it shows that thank god I wasn’t a Facebook addict as I started to believe I am, but I rather found it entertaining and just the solution to fill up my boring aimless time with. As was I saying, I chatted my time here while transiting, since I might not get another good chance to go online that long again 😉 either I would be busy outing and enjoying my time or at the internship 😀 Even though, that took most of my time here, I couldn’t stop my self daydreaming and recounting the events of my last three days.

So, I thought my first post about my new adventure should recount the past three days, starting from Wednesday April 7th 2010, but each day would be presented in a post of itself, since if I put them in one post…..GOD…………that would be a pretty long post 😉 So that’s just an introductory post 😉 Try to keep checking my blog for new info and do not….DO NOT forget to comment 😉


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