TOEFL practice Day :S

All i keep remembering is that just yesterday Rowena was here. :S Then i feel bad. Missing you already hun :$
Woke veryyyyyy early to try to study and practice a little for my TOEFL exam, starting to get worried since my brother likes to point out that my English has gotten really bad especially my grammar. How can you correct your writing grammar when you only write while chatting for example, and that has its own lingo.
Started to finish packing my bag, but for doing that you had to see my room. :S YIKES!! Piles and piles of clothes in every corner you cant think of :S Took out the clothe i thought would be appropriate and ones i want to take with me. But off course that was a huge pile, so i thought will have to try to shrink this pile….but…later….back to more TOEFL and maybe checking how stuff is going on on my mail and Facebook account 😛
By checking my mail, found out about my accommodation options, and got some pics maybe I’ll try to upload them so you guyz can have an idea as well 😀
So thats how that day was like, I think :S as much as I recall. 😉

7 thoughts on “TOEFL practice Day :S

  1. Gotta check facebook- then everything else can follow! 🙂 Looks like you’ll be staying in a nice place. I hope you can find some curtains for the windows… 😕 I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures… :))

  2. ohhh Sooz…
    u noticed about the curtians 😀
    yah…i know……..but thank god my room has one so no biggy 😀

  3. haha, is so nice sometimes just to look back and check your old posts and remember how you were feeling before some adventure….and compare with how you are feeling now…analyze what changed, how you changed…
    Hugs and kisses for you, special girl 😉

    1. Yah!! its amazing
      just upset wasnt able to update my bog as i thought i would be able to……..
      but ill keep on trying
      i neva give up 😉

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