Greek Gods

All of us know at least one…..yes! At least one Greek God, either it’s Aphrodite (the beautiful Goddess of love)

or Zeus (the mighty KING of the Gods),

or when you see that amazing and charming beautiful person and would just describe him as beautiful as a Greek God.

What am I rambling about here?

I simply LOVE history, especially ancient history with its mystery and antiquity……Oh how I get so mesmerized in front any History channel or National Geographic Channel documentary….I can sit there forever, especially if the topic is mainly about Egyptology, my main passion. 😀

But I always had an intense interest in the different Greek Gods so I thought I should use my free time right now and learn about them and quench my thirst. So my series about the Greek Gods start today. 😀

I am already enjoying it, I get to read about history (mythological or not) and write all about it. Two of my main hobbies with one stone plus not forgetting reading about something I always found interesting.

So the first thing I thought I should do is…..yah? You guessed it….I guess :P……..


Research all about it……….

But that’s where it got complicated………..

There are plenty of Greek Gods, with their own story ………… their beautiful mythical mysterious stories 😀


Where should I start?

Whom should I begin with?


Feel like commenting? Leaving a reply? You are more than welcome to :D ;)

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