Vampires: the thought of their existence


Who in our world do not know what a vampire is? Believing they exist or not, that is another issue.

There is nearly an endless list of books, movies and recently even series revolving on Vampires and their society of monsters (werewolves, a blend of both and so on) and this simply reflects the popularity of such a topic ~ VAMPIRES. YES! YES! Interesting!

Oh! That silver screen casting amazing hunks and chicks in VAMPIRE movies making their movies so attractive to watch, not forgetting how they made the vampire character so alluring, with powerful romantic, mystic and immortal scenes of power, do not help to ignore such a craze on VAMPIRES. 

Hmm! I honestly wonder how does it feel like to drink blood? and not just licking your bleeding wound! Drinking a whole glass of BLOOD. 😐 Anyway 🙂 back to topic!

 OK! I admit the handsome actors and beautiful actresses drag me to the movie theaters more than anything else usually. After watching or reading “The Twilight Saga”, what attracted me more is the amazing and variable abilities that vampires seemed to have.

Always had this tradition: to read the book before watching it's movie ~ usually that's how it worked out! 😉

The abilities ranged from psychic to telepathy to incredible and phenomenal strength to casting pain on someone with just thought to….. whatever you think of. That’s what attracts me more, the possibility of having mystical and phenomenal abilities that others do not have.

Just imagine reading your colleagues friend 😀 Imagining it is just amazing 😀 Having such an ability is fantastically incredible.

I do not believe they exist thou! Vampires, thankfully, remain safely between the covers of books and on the restricted screens of theaters and TVs. 

But when I go back and think about it….. in our modern time people do not believe in angels, devil, and ghosts and I do! Somehow I do! So what makes the myth and legend of Vampires more fictional than angels? Or are they all just un-real? 😐


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