Readings: “History’s Most Overlooked Mysteries” ~ Introductory


I Love to read!

I was brought up by my parents to read and to LOVE doing it!

I read everything and anything! I do not stick to a certain genre! Even though I prefer reading books, I passed by this article on the live science webpage about history’s most overlooked mysteries and found it pretty interested that I’ve decided to research about the points they mentioned.

Here is the site for you to check it out as well:

Who isn’t interested in anything that resembles a mystery, an unknown notion? The suspense and curiosity of trying to understand how things work, what happened, what we missed or what we didNOT live! That what interests me, that what fills my thoughts, that is what I usually think of when I am daydreaming (which happens all the time :D).

So, this is just an introductory to such series, but I’m excited to learn more things, things that I might not have ever thought I would get to know. 😀 Maybe it would interest you to! And add something to you like I know it will add to ME 😀 😉

The upcoming posts related to this one would be tagged with “HMOM” ~ as in history’s most overlooked mysteries. 😉


Feel like commenting? Leaving a reply? You are more than welcome to :D ;)

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