Egyptian Parliament Elections 2011 (YOUR CHOICE ~ YOUR VOTE ~ YOUR FUTURE)

I’ll be voting with many other fellow Egyptians on the 28th of November in Nasr City, Cairo!

Just went online on this webpage:  to find out which school I will be voting in!

I got a weird school name, in a street I do NOT recognize it’s name! But suddenly I had a hunch, an instinct where it could be! When I used to work as a medical representative I was in the streets all the TIME, and to avoid Cairo traffic I loved to take short cuts inside the smaller streets in Nasr City.

There was this street that I got used to take on my way to my Auntie’s house, and I remember seeing this school in this small, thin and long street. I remember mentioning to my mum, the weird place to out a school in and it’s name, especially it was an ISLAMIC school.

I never saw it before, considering the hundreds of times I passed by it, I never saw children, no buses, no traffic in this area. Or maybe I was just lucky with my timings!

Anyway, back to point! I checked the address of the school on google maps and I was RIGHT! It was this school! That exact school!

So? Dear Egyptians, have you checked which school you will be voting in? 



3 thoughts on “Egyptian Parliament Elections 2011 (YOUR CHOICE ~ YOUR VOTE ~ YOUR FUTURE)

    1. thanks…
      i try not to stick to a certain topic…
      i just blog about what interests me or gets on my mind at that certain moment

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