Writing with GOALS

The second week of last month I had put a goal for writing more, and it was pretty simple; WRITE ONE BLOG A DAY FOR A YEAR!

It went strong for just over a week, and then a month and a few days later…… I am 28 posts late……

I wrote two posts already today, so it means before that, I had a month of writing to catch up with keeping up with my goal.

But I noticed a new tab coming up after posting my new post; stating it was successful and that I have 3 more posts to go to reach the total of 30 posts EVER.

All that came in my mind, I’ve got to reach that GOAL……..

It is much easier to reach than the ONE BLOG A DAY FOR A YEAR!

All thanks to WORDPRESS, I got to be honest.

Showing that setting your goals can be simple and realistic!

You can dream big off course but you need to give yourself Β a chance! A credible one to achieve it.

But I got to be frank with you dear reader; I still have the 28 posts to go (27 after this one being posted) in the back of my head to help me achieve my original first GOAL. ONE BLOG A DAY FOR A YEAR



4 thoughts on “Writing with GOALS

  1. I think this is a great idea. I am trying to write a blog a week, because I have been working on writing my third book. I participated in National Novel Writing Month in November and was able to complete a book. It was definitely a challenge, but I learned it can be possible to get writing in if you fit time into your day. I also do a flash fiction challenge when I get the time by picking a word and incorporating either the idea or the word into my writing. Nice post!

    1. Thanks!
      One day I hope I get to finish the idea of a NOVEL that I have and make it into a book πŸ˜€
      I have many chapters everywhere in my bookcase….
      unfortunately working a job other than a writing job… makes time management pretty hard…
      I will try to follow the simple and more realistic goal… to keep me writing πŸ˜€
      by the way: I will definitely check out your blog and would like to read one of your books πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

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