Too Many EMAIL accounts

I know many of you have the same problem as I do!

Many emails! Many different accounts!

Some even totally forgotten about, till I had to sign in to my flickr account, when I found out the secondary email I had, was an email that I totally forgot it existed.

Somehow, I still remembered the password, and I found over one thousand mails to go through :O 

OMG……. do I have to go through all of these?? :S

I know myself, and I will definitely go through them ALL.

Decision TAKEN =

  1. try to remember all email or any virtual accounts I have, 
  2. try to combine them into one or umm… two… or even into three MAIN ones (Yes, I have more than 5 email accounts :S)
  3. then erase the ones not needed.

This will unfortunately take a LONGGGGGG time, since they are connected to other websites, like flickr, twitter, facebook, and many others.

Why did I ever do this to myself? I do NOT know and I do NOT remember.

To total it up, I have = 1 hotmail, 2 yahoo, 2 gmail, and 2 university email accounts (one AUCian and the other GUCian), according to what I remember off course. 

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