Mohamed Abdel Wahab’s 110th Birthday

Again, Google is just amazing in commemoration of many and amazing artists. And noticed that aren’t decent information about this amazing composer. So decided to quickly and shortly write a few words about him. I guess he deserves that 😀

Mohammed Abdel Wahab (محمد عبد الوهاب‎), (March 7, 1899 – May 3, 1991) was an amazing and prominent 20th-century Arab Egyptian singer and composer. He might be known for composing “”Ya Beladi” (also known as “Libya, Libya, Libya”) for the National anthem of Libya used by the Kingdom of Libya from 1951 to 1969 and again by the post-Gaddafi transitional government in 2011.

 Abdel Wahab was definitely the KING Arabic music composer of his time, and still is for the people whom have decent taste in our times. Even though he was a composer, he had this amazing, profound and unforgettable voice, as well as an actor back in the black and white prominent days. He was the first Egyptian singer to move from silent-era acting to singing.

Yes! He is known to be one of the best composers to come by in the Egyptian history, but despite that he was the one whom introduced the western beats, rhythms and music into traditional Arabic songs.

For example, he introduced in 1941 in his song “Al Gondol” the Waltz rhythm, and in 1957, he introduced the rock and roll rhythm in Abdel Halim Hafez‘s song “Ya Albi Ya Khali”.

He got to compose for himself and for many other great singers, as Umm Kultum (أم كلثوم) and Abdel Halim Hafez.

So! I am just simply, in love with the GOOGLE DOODLES, they keep on reminding me of amazing people, and of great times 😀

This artist deserved such a memory.

check this out this video (some great music): Legendary Mohamed Abdel Wahab

and here are some sites that talked about this today: Google celebrates Abdel-Wahab’s 110 year birthday


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