The godmother ~ by Carrie Adams (2)

Less than a week has passed, and I am nearly done with the book.

It’s so relatable.

I can totally relate to the life of the main character ~ The godmother.

It quite surprised me, the book, I mean.

I thought it would turn out in a different way, where the godmother will have to take the children under her guardianship. I am telling you now, that DID NOT happen, nearly did (*spoiler) but it did not.

I guess I like it, and keep on reading through it, (hoping to get to the end of it, to know how it ends but not missing any of the details) because I can RELATE a lot to it. Being single and all. The small difference between the main character and I; is that I am in my twenties while she was in her thirties, but it shows me a lot on what to look forward to and what to expect if I remained single till then.

Hopefully the next post I write about this book, would be to announce that I have finished it, quoting some parts of the book that I liked and proudly being able to say that I am ONE BOOK into my 2012 Reading Challenge of reading 50 books. 😀


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