A Mother’s Pride

I only wanted to mention this small story of mine:
I was talking to my mum yesterday, and she was telling how she showed her colleagues and friends at work my post, that I had dedicated to her.
Which I stupidly copy, pasted its content into an email to her, since I know she will never open the blog alone without me pushing her to.

Somehow I felt so embarrassed, on how she showed what I wrote to others, to people who know me. It made me feel more aware of the power of the words I write.
I kept on hinting that the poems and pictures are not done by myself, the writings that are not in quotes is all mine. And she went: that was my favourite parts 😀
Glad I was able to make her happy and proud in some way 😀

Yazzles's Daily Ventures

Every year we celebrate our mothers, and I found out that not everyone celebrates it in the same day. 

Here, in Egypt, we celebrate on the 21st of March, which is SO PERFECT, which marks the beginning of SPRING as well.

And like a friend of mine said to me one day, quoting, we should just make it easier for one self and celebrate our mothers everyday because they certainly DESERVE it. 😉

With all the beauty that spring brings, the blossoming of flowers, the beautiful and so cleansing weather (not so cold, not so warm), the arrival of so many adorable animal babies and the air filled with hope and joy.All of this; for me; RESEMBLES my MOTHER.

My mother is the SPRING in my LIFE 😀 :

The FLOWER that blossoms beautifully filling the air with its strong fragrance, filling my life with smiles and happiness.


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