Insomnia (One Day It Will Kill ME) :|

I went in to bed yesterday, a bit earlier than usual, since I was so TIRED, and since I was going to wake up a bit earlier than usual as well.



Been like that for a few days 😐 Getting really bad 😐

INSOMNIA I did not know that light sleeping is considered INSOMNIA??? umm…. I used to say I am a light sleeper!!! What does that mean now?

Anyway; I started venturing in different methods to help me fall asleep. What did I do you say? Well!

  1. sleeping on calming slow music. CHECK
  2. drinking warm milk. CHECK
  3. jumping up and down 100 times or more, to fatigue myself to sleep. CHECK.
  4. Getting a head massage. CHECK
  5. Talking to someone before I asleep, calming me down and making me feel better emotionally. CHECK
  6. Last resort; took on e of my allergy pills, with a Panadol pill (which I did not want to resort to). CHECK
And how do I feel right now, CRAPPY, *excuse my FRENCH*, nothing WORKED :@
What causes me these sleepless nights?

No I assure you it isn’t internet addiction, when I get back home I do not want to see another computer again, after a long day of work.
I think it is a compilation of reasons;
  • over thinking
  • anxiousness
  • too tired (yes sometimes too tired, makes me unable to sleep)
  • being disturbed every while and then by external noise (my brother watching a late night movie in the next room, a cat arguing with another cat outside in the garden, etc)
  • the list can go on and on……………
Today, I will try to do something else, ……………………………………… no I can not do that……… can I? Dear Readers, you better not know what I was thinking of doing….. but certain people better not cross my path tonight, if you get my drift.
If I only can get my hands on that CAT 😐

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