Save The Rhinos!!!

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DID you KNOW? Did you know that there is 5 main species of Rhinoceros in the world? 3 of these species are in Asia, to be more specific ~ Southern Asia, and the other 2 species in Africa.

Original source: from wikipedia

The African Rhinos both have two horns are known as:

1- the WHITE RHINOCEROS (Near Threatened)

Original from: wikipedia


2- the BLACK RHINOCEROS (Critically Endangered)

Original from: Wikipedia

Just as the African Rhinoceros, 1 of the Asian species have 2 horns as well:

1- the SUMATRAN RHINOCEROS (Critically Endangered)

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While, the other 2 Asian species have one horn;

2- the INDIAN RHINOCEROS (Vulnerable)

Original from: Wikipedia

3- the JAVAN RHINOCEROS (Critically Endangered)

taken from the Encyclopedia Britannica Advocacy for Animals

According to the IUCN Red List (International Union for Conservation of Nature) three of the distinct Rhinoceros species are critically endangered, which is the highest risk category.

Go directly on their site and see the numbers yourself, you would see that the Javan Rhinoceros is down to 40 – 60 individuals only, while the Northern White Rhinoceros (a sub-species of the White Rhinoceros) is down to 4 known individuals. ((4)) —— Only ((4)) —— Just think about it!!

These beautiful creatures are in endanger of extinction in the wild for two main reasons:

  1. they are savagely being hunted down for their horns which in turn are bought and sold on the black market for medicinal and ornamental purposes. Even though, these medicinal purposes are pseudo-scientific, people still seek for it on the black market for the hope of CURE.
  2. their numbers are diminishing due to the loss of their habitat by our hands. Just imagine the place you can strive in, survive in, live in, getting smaller and smaller and smaller, with no hope for another home, you would just tend to get LOST, and DISAPPEAR.

I love Rhinoceroses! They are such beautiful creatures, I always connect them with unicorns. Yes! Unicorns! I remember reading a book about legends and myths, and it had this theory that the myths or legend of unicorns came to life, based on the existence of these amazing creatures. Where by time, the story telling of people about these creatures have changed by the mouth to mouth communication and imagination of human beings.

I love animals and one of my favourites are rhinoceros! It upsets me to see that they are barely surviving and need our help. So, help by signing petitions, sharing the knowledge, and increasing the awareness of others.

Go on AVAAZ and sign this petition:

Or go on the WWF official website for Rhinoceros and learn more about them and how you can help, in many ways that you did not even imagine. To help and make it easier, I quoted the “HOW YOU CAN HELP” part from the WWF website:

  • Don’t buy rhino horn products!Illegal trade in rhino horn is a continuing problem, posing one of the greatest threats to rhinos today.
  • Donate towards much-needed anti-poaching equipment and support for rangers across Africa.
    Donations will go towards: 

    • binoculars
    • radios
    • night-vision gear
    • bullet-proof armour
    • rhino tracking
    • camping equipment
    • training for guards
  • Spread the word! 

To be honest, I like the idea of adopting a RHINO 😀


N.B: what upsets me more, is that to get some pictures to put into this post, most of the pictures where taken for Rhinos in captivity, it was so rare to get good pictures for them in their natural habitat. So UPSETTING, to what they have become to.


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