SunShine Award (My First Blog AWARD)

I have received my first blog award, thanks to one of the sweetest FRIENDS I have made through blogging.

Beverley, January to December From Resolution to Revolution 

(I tried to use dark sky blue colour, hope this is close enough 😉 ) Thank you for giving me my first BLOG AWARD 😀

So as the awards says to do, I have answered the questions below:

  • What is your favourite color? GREEN
  • What is your favourite animal? Dolphins, tigers, elephants and horses. But if you meant as a pet 😀 i would definitely go with a tortoise. 
  • What is your favourite number? Six , unlike my dear friend Beverley 😀 I do know the reason. SIMPLY: my birth date is: 26-06-1986. And when I used to say it out loud, it has this musical sound to it, since then and it’s my favourite number.
  • What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink? Vanilla Milk Shake. ((Yum))
  • Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? Do not prefer any, I use both regularly.
  • What is your passion? Environment, History and Archaeology.
  • Do you prefer getting or giving presents? I love the excitement that I GET from the surprise of getting a present, but I love it most when I see the face of the person I GIVE the present to.
  • What is your favourite pattern? DO not have a certain one.
  • What is your favourite day of the week? These days it’s SATURDAY.
  • What is your favourite flower? JASMINE, and not because my name is Yasmine after the flower, but because I LOVE its smell and the amazing childhood memories it gives me 😀
And since I was given this award by the amazing, sweet Beverley; I got to nominate 5 other amazing bloggers:
  1. Island Traveler; This Man’s Journey
  2. Sel; A Writer’s Voyage
  3. Colline; Colline’s Blog
  4. Madison; Gracious Strange: Life in Perth
  5. Elissa; Author Elissa Daye
  6. Tracie; Tracie Louise Photography (I just had Tracie to the list, because I just find her photographs inspiring, and her writings amazing)

And I had to nominate another two great people, I know you guys do not blog as much as I do, but I am giving you this SUNSHINE award, for simply being the SUNSHINE in my life (outside the blog world 😀 )

Johnny; Oskoff News

Crisa; Crisa’s Adventures in SE Asia

I am not sure if any of you are in to doing these awards, or have received any before; but I thought you deserved the AWARD and couldn’t stop myself.

Thank you for everything 😀


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