Fly Killer is what I have become

At work on Thursday; it was unusually quiet, that I couldn’t but notice a faint humming in my office room. At first I ignored it, but it then started to get louder.

Looking at the ground, I noticed a large fly that seems to be dieing or having some kind of problem to fly (broken wing or something). I thought of leaving it be and tried to ignore it. I complained to a colleague and she was kill it, do not let it suffer any longer.

I couldn’t! I couldn’t get myself to do it!

It kept on buzzing trying to get off the ground to fly but all it can do was slide around the ground getting closer and closer to my desk and my feet.

Then without thinking, I DID IT! With no hesitations!

But I did not foresee my reaction after it.

Guess what I did!

I cried!  I really cried! Tear and all!

I squashed the fly out of its misery and pain, but I did not feel anything but that I am a FLY KILLER! A KILLER!

I killed it, I squashed it to death.

And all I can do about it, was cry (and thank God I was alone in my office, and no one saw me crying because I killed a fly)

*P.S: was reading some comics today and passed by this; made me cheer up and thought of adding it to the post as well.


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