Anger Management (Traffic Jammed Cairo)

If you are Egyptian, or lived/live in Egypt or just visited Egypt; you would know what I am talking about when I mention Cairo TRAFFIC.

Yesterday night, on my way home from my aunt’s place, I got stuck in the one of the most annoying traffic jam I have ever got in to in Cairo.

For a journey that should take me 20 minutes to take, it took me an hour and a half to get to my destination. (About 4.5 times the normal time) 

I got so angry at one point that I couldn’t stand anyone to talk to me, even if they are sincerely trying to entertain me and cheer me up. One word was capable of making me furious.

My anger started to boil stronger and stronger:

with time,

with idiot drivers cutting in front of me,

with insanely slow drivers,

with (need to go learn how to drive all over again from the beginning) female drivers,

with taxi drivers stopping every second (trying to get new passengers),

with public transport buses stopping (anywhere and everywhere they feel like it) and dropping off passengers,

with the crazy honking micro-bus drivers,

with stray cats and dogs suddenly and stupidly jumping in front of my car to cross the street,

and with every single stupid junction or u-turn or traffic light.

All of this was happening to a person who had a headache, who wanted to get home to rest before needing to go to bed to start a new day at her work the next day.

My anger was unbearable, even to me, I was swearing everywhere and to anything that remotely made me annoyed, I even felt a heart burn from the too much shouting and anger I was portraying due to stupid traffic.

I am usually a pretty calm person, sometimes annoyingly calm in anger needed situations. So, to be that ANGRY……. I was totally convinced I am in desperate need for ANGER MANAGEMENT.

I am not used to be upset and annoyed that much, where I got so furious and angry, and where it all got out of hand.

I am not used to being that angry and need to learn how to control it.


All I could say yesterday was ….. : “I HATE…..” and I couldn’t finish the sentence, I couldn’t put my hand on one single thing I hated at such a situation. I hated a lot of things during my drive yesterday that I resorted to just HATING.

SO, to sum up = “I HATE..”


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