10 Reasons Why I Love to Travel

When I got a notification saying that I got my first 10 LIKES on this blog; I thought of writing a blog around the NUMBER 10 and I decided to try to put why I LOVE to travel in to 10 simple reasons.


These are the 10 reasons why I LOVE to travel:

  1. for the change out of routine and familiar scenery.
  2. for the search for a new adventure.
  3. to learn and find out new stuff about the cultures and traditions of different countries.
  4. treading the paths of ancient cities, monuments and structures.
  5. to try the great and amazingly delicious variety of the different dishes of the world.
  6. to fill up my collection of souvenirs from all around the world (magnets, post cards, photographs (taken by me) and key chains)
  7. to achieve my goals in my own list of 100 things to do before I die.
  8. embarking into different environments and watching first hand animals in their own wild habitat.
  9. to meet new people and make new friends.
  10. Finally and most importantly; to explore and discover myself by;
    • getting to think on my feet
    • to achieve some of my big goals
    • to challenge myself
    • travelling make me appreciate my hometown much more, SO, to appreciate my home and country much more.
    • to develop more self-confidence (which I need so much of that)
    • to help me be more open-minded and aware to different situations around the world (seeing the world in a different LIGHT)
    • indulging myself in the haven of hotels and no cooking, no laundry, no self-serving life 😀

So? Dear readers; you have any other reasons why you enjoy travelling? write me up 😀


Feel like commenting? Leaving a reply? You are more than welcome to :D ;)

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