UK ~ Application Horror

At last! I did it! I followed up my Plan A for my fall vacation to UK.

At last; I got the nerve and went online; researched, filled up an application and paid for a UK visa.

Taking my brother’s advice; I applied for the 5 years one; without even noticing the price list.

I did not know!

I did not know that the price differs with the type of visa you apply for, I did not know.

So; excitingly, I filled every section of the application with annoying problems in between deterring my progress; like the application insisting that I am younger than 18 years old. :O
I went back through the application to my date of birth and there it was on 1986. ??????? Imagine my confusion! Then why is it insisting that I am under 18?????

The only way it got fixed was by saving the application; signing out and signing in again. And only then was I normally a 26 years old person. And not 26 years old that is somehow under 18.

Anyway; I went through with all the other points to fill up; even getting my friend’s number and address in London.Β  And then came to my greatest satisfaction and relief the last page where it says; “Press on to continue to get the information where or how to pay your fees”.

Ta Da Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……….Β  😦 :O 😐 THE HORROR……..

I was expected to pay online, with my credit card 889 (according to my memory) USD for this visa, which they might reject giving to me in the end.

I was supposed to pay 889 USD non-refundable money. From my own pay check.

According to my travel budget plans; this will mean I won’t be able to travel to UK this fall at all, but maybe the year after…… next.

SO! I went back read the rules and found out that after 7 days of not paying the money for this application; it gets discarded.

Hallelujah! Mother of Pearls! Holy Christ! Oh Allah!

Simply erase this mistake and shock you got! And move on to the next plan.

Plan B: fill up a new application for a much much much MUCH shorter period. Fill up it all, and this time with no problems. (Filing up an application for a second time and doing the same mistakes; would make me…..umm….better not to write what I have in mind to say… :P)

To sum things up; it ended up to be 120USD needed to be paid, and that what would fit perfectly into my budget. πŸ˜€

So; what was left was to get all the papers ready and then book an appointment.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………. the relief………. of finishing one step for a great adventure πŸ˜€

UK beware…. here I come… πŸ˜€

(I never give up)


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