UK ~ Booking a Visa Appointment

The surprisingly time-consuming ordeal of filling-up the visa application online and the horror and relief of fulfilling the issue for paying the fees; passed by at last.

The next step was to book an appointment. If you have applied for the US visa before in Egypt; you would know that the only way to book your interview/appointment is via telephone. And I wish it was that way for the UK visa.


I had to go on this webpage, so I can book a date online; which annoyed me simply because in this case there was less human encounter (or none actually). Even though I usually prefer less of that in such errands, I needed some kind of human interface.

Had many questions and inquiries that needed reassuring.

So; to cut this story short; there was no horror, no shock, not even relief to be honest by the end of booking my appointment.

Simply; because there wasn’t any open appointments till two weeks from the time I was booking it.


That was bad news; my appointment will be at 10:30 am on Monday the 8th of October and then I’ll have to wait to know if I get the visa or not.

If; YES 🙂 I HOPE, I will be able to book my ticket and hotel and off I go on the 24th of October. Yes; just another 2o days from today and 16 days from my appointment.

Optimistic??? I am trying to 😀

I can not be anything other than that 😐


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