Daily Prompt: 1984 | The Double “S” Factor

Today’s Daily Prompt said: You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.

And all I can come up with was my greatest fear.

The Double “S” Factor is what I call it!

The Double “S” Factor is what I fear the most!

I see a pool full of white-silvery fins pointing out of it, circling the pool with such unrest waiting for me to dip even if with just a small finger.
I see a hole in the ground with hissing sounds coming from it!

I know you should have guessed it already; I fear certain creatures. One you can find in water and the other on land.
And both their names start with a letter “S”; hence the Double “S” Factor.

My worst nightmares always includes either Snakes or Sharks.

And that is what I would find in this locked small dark room.


13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: 1984 | The Double “S” Factor

    1. my problem with them in not being just poisonous, or have the capability to crush my bones, or even that they can swallow me whole.
      I fear their soul-less eyes, their creepy slithering around as a movement and their hissing sound….
      ooohhhh GOD… I will stop now…
      Just the thought makes me shudder…
      But I am glad to see there are people who share my fears…. and that makes me feel less of an idiot..

      1. I must admit that I do admire their patterns/colors. I have a friend that CANNOT even see one in a picture. I have witnessed her running out of a room just because she came across one in a magazine.

      2. Wow…
        I used to be like that…
        but my love to nature and animals made me start to get a bit over my fears…
        do not get me wrong; it doesn’t mean I can be in the same vicinity with them or look at them directly or even hold one in my hands.
        But I made myself read more about them and watch documentaries especially on National Geographic, but watching them were so hard, I never finished half of them…

        And I do admit some of them have very beautiful patterns/colours.
        But I can not stop thinking of their eyes :S oohhhhhhhhh….

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