Flawed! Flawed I am!

I was going through my email, trying to read and go through what was in my Inbox. Yes!
I left the emails pile up without checking them and they were over 3,000 emails now!

While going through them, I came by an old daily prompt and it had the title Flawed and it inspired me to write. Even though; compared to when this blog was posted, I do not care if it is late.

It made me think; the post had one sentence in it, only ONE and it was: What is your worst quality?

Oh the many things that ran in my head, from shyness to quick-tempered and many horrible stuff in the middle.
I had to settle to a quality that I regret having, I hate having.

Don’t you ever get into a situation and later you wish you said that or stood up and wasn’t afraid to talk back, to defend yourself.
I live that nearly every day.
From people being ….. ((Oh God what is the perfect word without insulting anyone)) …. idiots,
to people being rude,
to people being annoying,
and to people being too caring.

I sometimes find myself in a situation that after an event or an issue, I wish that I said that or did that. I end up regretting and hating why am I that shy and how i am so considerate.
When many times people do not consider my feelings and do not care if what they do or say might hurt me or my feelings.
I admit some cases I should have stood up for myself and some other cases I do prefer that I was the good person.

That is a quality in me that I do not like at all.
I am not WEAK!
But I wish what people would know I am saying inside 😦


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