The Man In The Sharkskin Suit (1/50)

I am ecstatic, at last I was able to finish a certain book that I have actually started in September 2012.

الرجل ذو البدلة البيضاء الشركسكين The Man In The Sharkskin Suit

Took me nearly 5 months to finish it. I think I blame it all on that it was translated into Arabic.
The day I saw the book at the book store; the title attracted me to it and I bought it.
Later when I read through 25% of it; I found out that it is originally in English, and that rendered my reading to a slow march.
I kept on imagining what she meant, and how it would have sounded in English. And is the Arabic version better and portrays the metaphors and symbolism better than the English one or not.
And so on.

But I did it! I finished it at last!
And I loved it!

It counts into my new year reading challenge 😀
It makes 1 out of 50.

50 here I come; I’ll make it to 50 books this year. I am sooooooooooooo determined this time 😀

1 out of 50I had to share this with you guys to see how many people pledged and how many books are pledged to be read.
Over 10 million BOOKS……. 10 million… very impressive
And 9 days into the new year and 48 challenges were already accomplished; I guess they had one book or two books or something 😀 😉


8 thoughts on “The Man In The Sharkskin Suit (1/50)

    1. Thanks Caitlin…
      I am so determined this time…
      last year I was not even close to reading half of my goal…
      today I was able to finish another book I started last October… 😀
      so that would make 2 out of 50…
      are you doing a reading challenge as well?

      1. I’m trying the Pride and Prejudice Bicentenary Challenge, actually. You read/watch spin-offs, or the original, in a number of your choosing, the highest level (Aficionada) being 9-12.
        Seems like it will be fun.

      2. Cool…
        Never tried it before…
        but I might do that…
        It seems fun…
        where can I find this challenge… some where it talks about the rules and how to do it or something 😀

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