A Game of Thrones (2/50)

I have started reading this book because my friend recommended it.
I bought it and my brother and I commenced reading it.
Since we had the rule of not watching the movie or in this case the TV show before we read the book first. Usually it goes like that with us.

My brother finished the book much much faster than I did, because I heard a spoiler or to be honest not just heard it, I went on IMDB and checked how long Sean Bean have acted in the TV series and I found out not as long as I hoped.

You see I am a big fan of Sean Bean he is just an incredible and amazing actor.

Anyway; I had to make sure and I went and cheated and read the last two pages.
And it was not to my liking, my fears were true, (one of my favourite characters in this book), the fate of the character I like is not what I hoped it would be.

From GoodReads
A Game Of Thrones

It took me some time and hard work to force myself to continue reading, and then my curiosity was aroused with the thought of finding out how it happened, why and might it be a trick or something.
And that is when I started reading at a normal rate again, by the way my normal rate is quite fast compared to others.
And today morning; I was disappointed, I was proven wrong and it was true, the fate of that character is inevitable.

Even though, one of my favourite characters fate did not lie well with me, by the end of the book I was intrigued to know what will happen to the rest and that is when I knew I am ready to read the rest of the books and ready to watch ((at least)) season one of the TV series. 😀

I might have started reading this book last October, in 2012, but finishing it in 2013 counts it into my GoodReads Reading Challenge.
And that makes 2 books read out of 50.
Today morning I finished the book, and according to GoodReads; I am actually 2% ahead of schedule 😀
And that is definitely a first 😉
2 out of 50

Even though; this book does not count into my 1001 books you must read before you die, but maybe I can choose a book that is on the list next time.
Or the time after that…… see I already chose one book 😛 ((that is definitely isn’t on the list :D))

Feel like commenting? Leaving a reply? You are more than welcome to :D ;)

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