More Followers, Horoscopes & Fears

Today in the morning I was checking my notifications and got this:Most follows in one day (9th of Jan)

Even though; it was exciting; that it seems the more I wrote and the more interesting my posts were, the more followers I got.
I had this blog since 2009 and I haven’t been more excited or more determined to write more.

I would have been more excited, if the notification mentioned how many followers. But it didn’t but I am still satisfied and happy about that 😀
I am not complaining….
More is better….
How much….doesn’t matter that much 😉

I wanted to share my horoscope with you today; and if you are a Cancer like me, this will be for you as well; it said:

Today’s cosmic emphasis is on tolerance. Try not to let fear of the unknown — unfamiliar ideas, people or paths — make you withdraw.

All I kept on thinking; is that horoscope would have been perfect with yesterday’s daily prompt: 1984 | Fear  …


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