Ripped from the Entertainment!

A new day!
Old news and new ones!

What should I write about?
What should I choose?
What is appropriate and what isn’t?

Everyday I check for news and sharing them on my various virtual accounts.
From politics to entertainment to sports to the environment.

Today’s Daily Prompt was all about ripping it from the headlines, and with how bleak and horrible many of the political headlines are, I decided to go with the Golden Globes.

I am not talking about who is the best dressed or worst dressed, I do not go there.
I am talking about who got best director, best movie drama, best actress in a movie or best song track for a movie (hint: well deserved winner Adele for SKYFALL).

And the headlines of the article that attracted my attention was:

Golden Globes: Ben Affleck’s Argo scoops two awards

I heard of ((ARGO)) and saw its trailer many times before by chance my friend and I had to watch it at the movie theater over her in Egypt.
See, my friend and I were intending to watch “The Hobbit” at the IMAX (which you can say is located at the borders of the Cairo state district, hard to get to) but unfortunately the movie screens for that were booked for VODAFONE WINNERS (more like idiots rather than winners, SORRY! that was my frustrated inner-self speaking, what would you feel when on your weekend you decide to take a long an hour and a half drive through traffic to watch a movie at a special movie theater and find out it was totally booked).

Anyway; so we had to find another movie to watch, the only movie we thought might be worth it, was ARGO. MV5BMTc3MjI0MjM0NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTYxMTQ1OA@@._V1._SY317_CR0,0,214,317_
And it was! I love anything that has adventure, history and real events in it.
It opened my eyes to some stuff that I did not know about, and made me want to go home and read more about it.
Which I did.

So, go and check more about ARGO ~ the movie at this link if you want where you can the trailers there as well.

I really think that Ben Affleck deserved to win best director, as for the best movie drama I am not sure of, comparing it to other movies in that category, I think it might be a wrong choice. (I say that after I found out most of the drama was added and not from the actual story)


And that is the news for today, hope you have a great evening. Good Night! 😉


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