An Iraqi In Paris (3/50)

An Iraqi In Paris

Yes! This book is originally published in Arabic and this time I read the original copy and not the translated one as in a previous book I read: “The Man in the Sharkskin Suit.”

I might have enjoyed the method or the way the author chose to write-up his story, since it is an autobiographical novel.

His life seemed very interesting and so full of DRAMA. More than you would find in a drama movie.

I enjoyed reading it, even though some of the events and parts of the books I found to be daring to be written and acknowledged of it really occurring to a person who is supposed to be from an Arab background.

I am not sure if this book is included in the 1001 book list I have, I do not think it is, but here is a link for the English version for you to check it out:

And this is the Arabic one:

This makes my number 3 book to be read.
Already finished reading 3 books this year, making it 3 out of 50.
I have to read 47 more books to accomplish my challenge: 2013 Reading Challenge on GoodReads

3 out of 50


Yes! I know I am 3% behind, which corresponds to one book behind, but no worries, I am already reading two books, one 25% through with it and the other about 65%. 😀 

So! No Worries!


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