LinkedIn Congratulates Me :|

If you have a LinkedIn account you might understand what I am talking about.
After talking to my mother earlier this morning; I found out I was not the only person receiving an email from LinkedIn congratulating me on something.

It seems to be a new initiative or idea taken by LinkedIn, to stay in contact with us,  to keep us up-to-date in a different way.

It seems my mum was one of the people whom opened a LinkedIn account in Kuwait, and she is now one of the 500,000 people in Kuwait that do have an account. (that was pretty impressive; since Kuwait’s population barely crosses the 2 million mark)

While; I found this in my inbox a few days ago:

linkedin 1


With such a title; I had to open it up and check what is it about!

And that is what it contained:

linkedin 2

LinkedIn now has a massive number of 200 million members and according to their statistics I was one of the top 10% viewed profiles in 2012.

First; my reaction was…WoW… top 10%??? what did I do to get such attention….
I noticed the 200 million members….
I was in the top 10%….
So that means….. 

me and 19,999,999 other members were at this top 10%.


Anyway; I find it an amazing idea and great initiative by LinkedIn.
I would be looking forward for more emails like these 😀

And as for thanking me for playing a unique part in their community;
I say to LinkedIn:
You are most WELCOME 😀




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