Day-Dream Drive

My Drive to work today was one of the weirdest I have ever had till now.

I was Calm
I was Relaxed

You can say I was in a different world, day-dreaming in things I do not even remember what it was now.

If you have ever been in Egypt, especially in Cairo and if you know me well, that is not even close to being NORMAL.

I get angry quickly, and furious with the stupidity and idiotic actions people do to render my drive to anywhere unbearable.

Cars were cutting in front of me, even a motorcycle did that when I am supposed to take a right turn, when he (stupid idiot) wanted to keep on going straight, why? why? would you drive in the right lane when you do not want to take a right??????????????

At this point, I was fully aware and was thankful for having quick reflex reactions.

Even though; I was too calm and relaxed and most probably could be considered to be sleep-driving but I was fully attentive and aware of my surroundings. ((Hence; if not; I would have hit that poor  idiot motorcycle driver))



2 thoughts on “Day-Dream Drive

  1. I remember once I was talking to u on phone while you were driving , I heard u screaming on somebody on the ring road eeeeeeeeeeh ya 3aaaaaam

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