Egypt Roads

Egypt Roads: A trip you will never forget…
A trip that will leave a permanent mark onto your memories…
A trip through hell as the author called it

Egyptian Streets

The first thing a visitor to Egypt will learn is its national anthem: car horns. Egyptian traffic is notorious for it. They use car horns to say “Hello”, to warn “Watch out I am merging into your lane whether you like it or not,” and to shout “Why are you stopped at a traffic light!”‘ Speaking of traffic lights, Egypt only has a handful – yes the country that invented the precision-engineered Pyramids has not yet adopted traffic lights.

The impact of the chaos on Egyptian roads leads to more than 10,000 traffic-related deaths per year. Accidents range from civilians being crushed by lorries while crossing the street, to train colliding into vehicles – such as Assiut’s school bus disaster which killed 51 children.

Chaotic conditions on Egypt’s streets are not solely due to the lack of proper infrastructure, but are the direct result of a lack of order. Following the revolution…

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2 thoughts on “Egypt Roads

    1. read your blog about traffic ya Nahla 😀
      30 minutes in hell I would call it…
      crowded places and areas scare me to death…
      I do not mind being late…. and not take the METRO

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