The 13 Problems (6/50)

My passion for Adventure and Detective stories is tremendously great.
Anyone who knows me, would know that I am even trying to collect all of the Agatha Christie books.

I love detective stories.
Can not live with out them.
I relish with the mystery and suspense of trying to guess who has done it, who is the murderer.

So, it makes normal sense that at least, AT LEAST, one of the books I am reading would be by Agatha Christie.

The 13 Problems

The 13 problems



It revolves around 13 murder mysteries and not one as the usual, and all being discovered by the dear sweet old Miss Jane Marple.

I love how she deduces who is the killer by just sitting there and relating the mystery with a village story she knows, and by knowing people too well, she is always able to catch the murder.

“There is a great deal of wickedness in village life. I hope you dear young people will never realise how very wicked the world is.” ~ Said Miss Marple

And this happily makes my 6th book in my 2013 reading challenge. 😀

Even though according to GoodReads I am already 3% behind schedule. 😐

The 13 Problems (6-50)


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