Never Ever or Never Say Never?

Today’s Daily Prompt: No, Thanks stated:

Is there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where, and why not?

I LOVE to travel and have this dream of visiting every single country in the world.
There isn’t a place that comes in my mind that I do not want to visit; if we are talking about travel and so on.

But there is this place I would say; I would NEVER travel to but WANT to. I do not want to visit Israel but I do want to visit Palestine.
I am not trying to talk about politics and will not;
just felt it,
thought it
and wrote it out.



18 thoughts on “Never Ever or Never Say Never?

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    1. I understand what you mean…
      You want to enjoy and bask in the beauty of such countries and what makes them interesting….
      But how can we when there is an issue of SAFETY….

  2. With a number of colleagues and close friends who have traveled to both places, I would be keen to see both, and understand both are spectacular and life-changing in their own way. Politics aside (of course 🙂 ), those who have traveled into Palestine do talk about how difficult, frustrating and even heart-breaking it can be to try and make the crossing, and I know several people who have vowed never to go back as long as the Israelis are controlling the crossing-points. I also know one who thought her time had come when an Israeli guard chucked a grenade where she was standing when there was a security alert. Turns out it was only a stun-grenade, so she lived to tell the tale- but certainly didn’t enjoy it!

    1. That was more of a scary adventure ….
      It is upsetting your friends went through an experience that they would not like to re-live again…
      Maybe knowing someone who did it before, someone who lives there and someone who would be willing to try it out with you, might help to decrease the blow of it….
      I dream of the day I can do it… and I hope it ends up being a good one…

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