The Night of the Mi’raj (8/50)

The night of the Mi'rajI quote my own review from Goodreads:


I enjoyed reading this book. Even though somehow I misplaced it and just found it again yesterday. It has this spell to pull you in again. Motivating me to keep on reading and finishing it gladly

I do not know how I came by such a book, but anything with a mystery in its plot attracts me like opposite poles on a magnet.
I like the idea where the author reveals the mysteries of living in a strictly repressive Rich Saudi Arabian society.
Many things were totally new for me when I am an Egyptian myself; I would have thought our lives would be similar but it was not even close (I do not mean to be horrible; but I am thankful for that).

In conclusion; this is a book that I recommend for mystery fans to read, especially if you are interested in getting to learn a little about a culture different from yours.

This officially make my number 8 our of 50 in my 2013 Reading Challenge.

book 8-50



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