An Alien Insect Encounter

I was talking on the phone with someone here at work, when I saw this freaky weird insect walking casually on my desk, just behind the computer screen and walking towards the mouse.

What I did????
What do you think?

Calmly told the person on the phone to hold on for a second, looked for our office lady/girl, told her there is this some kind of a cockroach, having a stroll on my desk …

She calmly came back with me, saw the alien of an insect, took it in a towel and let it out of the window, she claims it was a BEE….

I do not care what she says… that was not a BEE…
It was something you see in a scary movie…

I know how a bee looks like….
They look like this…

images (1)



Anyway, after removing the weird insect out of my room, I went back to my phone call… and that is when I broke down.

I can not keep myself calm in such situations, tried since I am at work. And I was scary calm (at first).
I am definitely not a screamer or a crier, but I needed a hug to calm down my nerves. (and that is why it is good to have a friend at your office) 😉


P.s: Was just told that it was in fact not a bee; and that she honestly did not know what it was. She claims she said that so I would not freak out.  


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