27 Days for 27

27 Days for 27!
I wanted to write something, something related with number 27. Therefore; I went surfing on the internet for some inspiration. 😀

27 Days for 27

After checking a few articles and reading a few blogs; I admit I might have been a bit naive. I thought my 26th year would be one of the most memorable years of my life.
Simply because it was my champagne year, I was 26 on the 26th of June. Special!

But after reading a little; who knew?, maybe my 27th year will be more exciting!

I came by this article called Twenty-Seven; where they were talking about what you start to notice and how different you become when you turn twenty-seven; and they thought it is your “last year of Romance, Ego and Mania”.
There was this part where they talked about Julia Roberts and her part in my best friend’s wedding; where she and her best friend promised to get married if both of them failed to get engaged by they are both 28 years old.
And that in turn reminded me, of a foolish kind of promise I made with one of my best friends back in College, where we promised that we should get married if we are not already engaged by the time we are 27 years old.
Are we all instinctively aware that 27 is a huge landmark in our life?
Do we all start noticing people whom are 27 like us, whom achieved a lot at age 27 just like you?

Anyway going through the article; somewhere it mentioned another article written in 1999; Women We Love Hall Of Fame: The 27-Year-Old Woman. And that is the one I liked more; it mentioned all about those great women whom have achieved plenty of great things when they were 27 years old.

“They’ve got you cornered, at twenty-seven. They are inescapable and inevitable and their enigma is everywhere you look for it, and Mona Lisa–who was twenty-seven when she was the Mona Lisa–smiles for all of them, when she makes you think she is smiling just for you.”


I am not 27 yet; but after another 27 days I will be, hope it will be a great and exciting one; and I hope I do not break someones heart or get mine broken this year; as one of the articles quoted:

“They are all twenty-seven… They always were twenty-seven, and they always will be, at the moment they are both young enough and old enough to teach you the meaning of heartbreak…”

P.s: check this blog as well; he took another approach; he named his post: 27 Questions From a 27-Year-Old; many of the questions I think about, but I thought of them before I was 27 😀 and not restricted to age, none-the-less I like the notion.


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