Murder in the Mews (15/50)






The Queen of mystery does it again!

This book is a collection of four novellas starring the one and only Hercule Poirot and his grey brain cells.


Dead Man’s Mirror features an egotistical aristocrat who, with a single shot, shatters both his skull and his mirror.

The Incredible Theft is overshadowed by a ghostly apparition. Poirot is convinced the estate is haunted—by a very clever thief.

Murder in the Mews is a case of apparent suicide. The door is locked, the windows fastened, and the widow Allen dead. But Poirot knows that nothing is apparent about suicide—or murder.

Triangle at Rhodes takes Poirot on a restful seaside holiday. Restful, until a love triangle erupts in criminal passion.


“I think a woman smothered in cheap scent is one of the greatest abominations known to mankind – Lord Mayfield” 
― Agatha ChristieMurder in the Mews


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