15 books behind schedule

It is the 25th of February, and I have over a month to read 21 books and get to my 50 books challenge of 2013.

Even though, most of my books these days are based on Manga comics, which I love, and somehow they still count πŸ˜€ Good for me.

I still have to update you with 12 of these books and post about them. (soon I promise)

Wait a second, let’s go back a little, OH MY GOD! I am totally oblivious with time it seems! I meant November not February.
Ummm… I wonder what made me think that (I was so far off from the correct month).

Anyway; I know myself, if I put my head into it, I will do it, and YES! I have decided I will do it.

I will finish this year’s challenge for once πŸ˜€

And start a new one πŸ˜€


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