Teacher’s Pet: for Better and Worse

Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse.
How is your life different because of him or her?

For the BETTER:

My year six class tutor, Miss Footman, a Scottish, tall, beautiful brunette. The sweetest and kindest teachers can get.
Because of her, I fell in LOVE with “Geography“, where she had these cool and fun toys to help us memorize the countries in each continent and their capital cities.
I loved playing with these toys.
I truly believe that my LOVE for TRAVEL, was seeded and rooted deep into my heart from that time onwards.
Especially my LOVE for Britain and Scotland in particular.

For the WORSE:

Whatever her name was, I wish my brain would forget her memory as it forgot her name.
Her name started with the letter D, Darin, Dorian, Darina; whatever it is, Miss “D” was one of the worst teachers ever.
She might not be a bad person, but her ideas of discipline was so bad, it scared the FRENCH out of me.
Miss “D” was my French Language teacher, and I honestly feared her enough to hate FRENCH as a language.
One of her favourite catch phrases was: “I’ll fly you out of the window” (Excuse her weird English)
Imagine a very shy little girl, really and honestly believing her teacher will really throw her out of the window.


Anyway; thanks to her, I hated FRENCH even though I was really good at it.

Apparently, (according to Mr. Peter; our Spanish, French, Deutsch teacher) I seem to be good in learning new languages.
So what a waste it was!!!

Now, I work in Import and Export and will have to deal with West African countries soon, the French-speaking regions in Africa. And I blame Miss “D” that I hated FRENCH to the point I did not pursue and continue learning FRENCH ((earlier)), since I needed it these days.
But what can a person do? Other than try to make-up for time wasted in the past.


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