Paleo On a Budget: Easy, Healthy and Cheap Paleo Recipes to Save Money and Time (2/50)

My first Kindle eBook 😀
A few months back, my brother bought me a kindle as a present, I read a little on it but never finished a book on it.
Since I would usually not go for such books, I decided to download it on my Kindle.
I have been hearing all about the Paleo diet thing, and thought of trying some recipes from it.
Finished reading this and looking forward for trying some of the recipes.

In this eBook you will find out:

– How to save money when buying meats
– Where to buy to save the most?
– What kind of fruit and vegetables to buy
– Plenty of delicious and cheap paleo recipes. You will know how much the dish will cost you and how much it the meal costs per person! 


eBooks do count into my 2014 Goodreads reading Challenge 😀
So that makes 2 out of 50 😀 Oh Yah! 😉



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