The Old, The Found, The New

At last, I finished another one.

My fourth book for this year, and somehow I am still one book behind schedule. SOMEHOW.

Anyway; I choose this book for one of the reading challenges I chose to participate in:

2014 Reading Challenge

It was my number 11 book:

Now I had to find the book I will read next, I ended up reading three books in the same time.

The Old

lord of the flies

The Found

I tend to buy books, and miss-place them somewhere, and then find them and start reading them again.
This is how I got to start reading this book:

Al SOkan EL Asaleeyeen ly Misr

The New

This book I got as a gift, and loving it to the point that I want to get the previous 5 editions and any news ones after that 😀

Wolverine Origins (Edition #6)And it is also another book mentioned in my reading challenge 😀 :

  • 15. Read a book that is not in a typical novel style (e.g. a book of poetry, diary/letter based book, play, graphic novel). Wolverine Origins

Anyway, back to the idea that I am done with another book: The Casual Vacancy.
That makes a total of 4 books from 50, 46 more books to go.

Feel like commenting? Leaving a reply? You are more than welcome to :D ;)

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