The Mysterious Stranger (7/50)

The Mysterious Stranger

Interesting… I do not recall how I came by this book, but it all happened coincidentally, by chance.
Just the thought that everything might be just a mere thought.
A dream!
This book will offend many people, and many other will relate to it.
Rebutting Religions, denying the existence of God. That will definitely get many angry.

What scares humans the most? The idea that nothing makes sense, that their lives are meaningless, the fear of death and what comes next (hoping that there is something, and it being Heaven other than Hell).
This notion is how many civilizations were made and broken in history. And how they controlled their people.

The idea of a bigger being, a larger entity, a God, depends on what we prefer to believe.
Believing there is a God, would give us serenity and a better life to live.
Or for many others, the notion he doesn’t exist is the better outcome.

In all means; the book got me thinking (that is all I would say). 😉



As for this book, this counts 4 out of 25 from my 2014 Reading Challenge, since it was number 2 in the list:

  • 2. Read a ‘banned‘ book. The Mysterious Stranger ~ Mark Twain

And it also counts as 7 out of 50 for my Goodreads challenge



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