Absent in the Spring (10/50)

Absent in the Spring



When I started reading this book, I did not notice that part it said as MARY WESTMACOTT.
I thought I was reading another crime mystery by the Queen of Crime and Mystery.
No, it was not the kind I thought it was.
It was more a crime to the heart and soul.

I could not let it down, I wanted to know what will JOAN the main character realize about herself.

It was surprisingly good, I did not expect that.

But it is scary, in the end I wanted to cry for JOAN, ever alone, ever oblivious of others. Always thinking she is doing good for them but the contrary.

It makes you fear being stranded somewhere and forced to think and reveal stuff about yourself.

I hope I do not get so oblivious of others and get so arrogant about my thoughts thinking it is original and kind, when it is nothing close to that.

“Poor Little Joan”
“Absent in the Spring” indeed.


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