Things I care about

1. Environment

Care about it!
Take care of your Earth!
What looks better for you?
A beautiful, colourful and alive world?
A dry, and unlivable world?

2. Animals:   

I love animals, if I wasn't fearful of dealing with some of them, I would have ended up being a vet.
Come on!
Tell me if you saw such beautiful, so innocent creatures, won't you just LOVE them and would care that they survive easily?

3. Travel

I love to travel! I love going to new places. Learning new things about different cultures and traditions. Love trying new food and so on. Anything and everything intrigues me. I am not a person that is just attracted to beaches, I love going to museums, to art galleries. In other words; during travel I am up to nearly anything 😀 😉

I literally HOPE I can travel the whole world, to all of its countries. One day, I will be able to say I accomplished it.

4. Geography

Since I was little I was always passionate about certain topics, I enjoyed going to my Geography classes, from learning the different capital cities of countries to learning about tectonic plates to volcanoes to hurricanes and so on.

5. Reading and BOOKS

Reading is DREAMING with OPEN eyes 😀

OH MY GOD! I would never be able to stop talking about reading and BOOKS. It is normal for my family to have a book or two or even more reading at one time or another.

Yes! No matter the modern technology making it easier to read, WE GO OLD SCHOOL. We prefer to have a book in our hands and not a KINDLE or any other of these new technologies.

What is better: Kindle or books?
Kindle makes it easier, especially if your on the move a lot.
But it takes the fun out of reading BOOKS (old school)

You lose the fun of turning pages, and buying creative and cute bookmarks to put in your book.

And you lose the joy of collecting the books and adding them to your amazing built-in library-slash-recreation room in your home.

Our library, doesn't look so much like that one....
especially the window in the middle...
but I like the idea...
and maybe I will make it 😀 (One day)

6. Writing

After reading, or with reading, you have to assume WRITING has to come into the picture. I love to write, I always loved how words can give something a GREATER meaning.

I prefer to write with my own hands, DO NOT ask me why, I seem to be a bit of old school with many of my interests I guess.

Writing with ones own hand, makes it more personal 😀
More true, more alive!

But I have been trying to keep up with my blog, to try to get to the hang of writing with my keyboard, somehow it doesn’t feel as good as when I write with my own hand, with a pen or pencil.

You Are What You Write!

I think all of us know this saying; I think of it a lot, because I write about many things, and they are about everything and anything I am merely interested in. And believe me, I am interested in MANY MANY things.

So what does that make me?

7. History

Oh! The beauty of HISTORY! The amazing mystery the past is to me.

Why? When? Where? Who? What?

The mystery of the pharaohs and their mummies!
The mystery of the disappearance of the Mayans!
The mystery of dinosaurs!

8. Photography

The amazing notion that you can portray what you see or what you experienced or even just capturing a memory and saving it for forever.

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