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Breaking the LAW

The only time I ever got close to breaking the law, was when I broke the speed limit while driving.
Sometimes, it is because the stupid law putters or whatever they are called, put a very slow speed limit for a well-known highway.
Here in Egypt, I feel they mean to put such speed limits to piss the drivers off, and get money out of our pockets.
Anyway, I do get caught by camera when I am not concentrating, since everyone in Egypt know where the cameras are. 😛

Other than that, that is the closest thing I got to being a law-breaker. :$


Egypt Roads

Egypt Roads: A trip you will never forget…
A trip that will leave a permanent mark onto your memories…
A trip through hell as the author called it

Egyptian Streets

The first thing a visitor to Egypt will learn is its national anthem: car horns. Egyptian traffic is notorious for it. They use car horns to say “Hello”, to warn “Watch out I am merging into your lane whether you like it or not,” and to shout “Why are you stopped at a traffic light!”‘ Speaking of traffic lights, Egypt only has a handful – yes the country that invented the precision-engineered Pyramids has not yet adopted traffic lights.

The impact of the chaos on Egyptian roads leads to more than 10,000 traffic-related deaths per year. Accidents range from civilians being crushed by lorries while crossing the street, to train colliding into vehicles – such as Assiut’s school bus disaster which killed 51 children.

Chaotic conditions on Egypt’s streets are not solely due to the lack of proper infrastructure, but are the direct result of a lack of order. Following the revolution…

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Day-Dream Drive

My Drive to work today was one of the weirdest I have ever had till now.

I was Calm
I was Relaxed

You can say I was in a different world, day-dreaming in things I do not even remember what it was now.

If you have ever been in Egypt, especially in Cairo and if you know me well, that is not even close to being NORMAL.

I get angry quickly, and furious with the stupidity and idiotic actions people do to render my drive to anywhere unbearable.

Cars were cutting in front of me, even a motorcycle did that when I am supposed to take a right turn, when he (stupid idiot) wanted to keep on going straight, why? why? would you drive in the right lane when you do not want to take a right??????????????

At this point, I was fully aware and was thankful for having quick reflex reactions.

Even though; I was too calm and relaxed and most probably could be considered to be sleep-driving but I was fully attentive and aware of my surroundings. ((Hence; if not; I would have hit that poor  idiot motorcycle driver))



This is but another story of me being stuck in traffic 
*please bear in mind this post was stuck in my drafts section for a while... so...this is practically an old story of mine.. that I can not forget with all of its details

Where should I begin?

It’s just a few days before our Eid vacation here at work… and the  closer we get to that date.. the happier and more excited I get.

So; before yesterday; I finished work earlier than intended and got the amazing chance to leave exactly at 5 o’clock.
I was so naive and unaware of what I had in lying for me.

I took my normal route home cheerfully!

To try to organize my thoughts, I have put my mission to get home into simple tasks (or I thought it would be simple)

Task 1: to get a short cut to the first main traffic light in Nasr City, El Tayaran Street.

I couldn’t get to the traffic light stop, I had to take a different route.

Task 2: get to Nasr road, take a U-turn before reaching Abbas Al Aqqaad Street and take a right into the small street that gets you to Al Merghany Street.

It took me more than 10 minutes to get to finish the second task. I entered that small street that I do not know its name which was totally jammed as well.

Task 3:  take a short cut to get to El Merghany street.

I took the short cuts that I knew and even ventured in taking a road I did not know.
At last; got to a street that I wanted and knew how to get out of, I took the u-turn and got in a street behind the Girl’s College (Kolayet El Banat, no idea what they call it in English).
Then stupidly turned a wrong road, since according to a very nice lady 😦 it was a one way direction and I was going the wrong way.
But I couldn’t fix my mistake; two other cars blocked my way to move back, and a small pick-up truck was in front of me (the correct direction) totally insisting not to move and kept his high lights on. (which I found pretty rude)

All that was running in my head; that it looked like we are going to argue; where is that darn wooden racket I keep in the car for PROTECTION purposes??

Thank God!
We did not need to resort to that!
But believe me!
I was ready to fight!
I was already pissed off!
And needed to let out the NEGATIVE ENERGY somehow. 😀

At last; the lady seemed to have been able to convince the guy to move back, so I can pass.

Task 4: even though task 3 wasn’t complete correctly, thanks to a stupid brain and a stupid driver. I had to take another short cut (that I did not know) to get to El Merghany Street.

I took the left behind the stupid driver (driving the small pick-up truck) and again found that I was driving in the wrong direction (stupid brain).
So, to fix that, I simply drove hysterically fast to get out of that street as fast as possible, before another car (driving the correct way) comes right into my face.
At last; I took a right out of that street and another left and VOILA I was in El Merghany street, at last 😀

Task 5: Get to El Thawara Street.

I took El Merghany Street and just before I got to the right lane to go to El Thawara street; it was jammed. SO………..

Task 6: Take EL Merghany Bridge, take a U-turn and get into EL Thawara street.

So; I sharply drove into the left lane to avoid the long and traffic blocked right lane that goes into the El Thawara Street.
Went up the empty El Merghany bridge, then took the U-turn and under the bridge into the El Thawara street. (took me 5 minutes, thanks to a small jam after the bridge)

Task 7: move into the left lane and down into the El Thawara Tunnel and into El Korba.

But ALAS; how could my journey back home be that EASY. NO WAY!
Four lanes were totally blocked by the people trying to go into the El Thawara Tunnel just like I want to.
But I couldn’t get into one of these lanes anyway, so moved into another task.

Task 8: take the U-turn over the Tunnel, take a right into AL Baron Street and back into El Merghany Street. Go straight till you take the right into El Korba.

Gladly the street was fine, till I finished taking the U-turn and got into the street that leads to the Baron Hotel but it was blocked by policemen fully dressed in their formal clothes and with young lads (Yes I used the words LADS) that seemed to be none other the famous AL AHLY football club ULTRAS (fans).

I did not know what is going on and all I cared about is what next, how can I go to another route to take me home.

I did not need to fret a lot about this; since the police blocked the street right before the Baron Hotel, I was forced to take a right into an unknown street.

Task 9: Keep going in this street and see where it will lead me.

So; I simply kept on driving on wards but it was a very very slow drive, since it was jammed up with other cars like mine. Till I had to take a left and apparently that left took us back into El Merghany street.

Hallelujah, a street that I know.

Task 10: Get on to El Merghany street and take a right after the Presidential Palace into El Korba.

I was happy and thought at last, just another 10 minutes and I can be home. But… how? how can this happen?
No… no…
The streets were still jammed, after passing by the petrol station, there was yet another but a much smaller police blocking point (or whatever you would call it, I call it blocking point, because it did not do anything other than block my way back home 😦 )

Task 11: Find any roads to escape to preferably on the right side of the street.

I was in the extreme left lane of the road and somehow I was able to move in to the right lane.
And in a minute I found a small road that many others where using to avoid continuing in El Merghany street that was totally blocked till the Roxy traffic light.

Task 12: Try to take a left that would take me into El Korba.

I kept on moving or mostly standing still in this tiny unknown street, hoping to be able to take a left, but every single left we came by was either blocked with cars or people did not give me a chance to take it.
And that is how I found myself driving till the end of the street, where I found a parking place.

I parked under a tree, in a place that was barely lit, and pretty dark. A place where you can imagine someone pulling you from your legs, from under your own car.


I parked, I was already so exhausted from the constant breaking and driving every few seconds.
I parked, called my aunt and told her I am stuck in traffic.
I parked, my aunt proposed to stop by at her place till the streets get better.
I parked, and noticed I was not even close enough to her place.
I parked, and told her there is no way I can make it to her place.
I parked, finished my phone call with my aunt, and from frustration I cried.
All I want is to get home. How hard can that be?

I sat there for a while watching other drivers trying to get out of this weird little street to get to wherever their destination is.

Task 13: Get the energy. the strength and the courage (yes, courage) to keep on driving and trying to get home.

I put the key back in the ignition and started the car again, switching on the radio in hopes to find out what is going on in Heliopolis and why is it so jammed.
Nothing! Only music and random news about politics and so on.
I took a deep breath and changed the gear into drive and off I went, got out of this weird street and found myself in a familiar place.

El Thawara Tunnel!
Ignoring people honking at me to move, since the shock of finding out that I was close to a place I know too well rendered me motionless.
Then I noticed I was taking the wrong direction, moving away from the Korba, but I knew what I have to do.

Task 14: Get into the tunnel and take a U-turn and back into the tunnel again, taking the right direction towards the El Korba.

Driving down into the tunnel and getting out of it was a bit slow, due to the idiots (whom call themselves Ultras Ahlawy, whom most of them were not older than 16 years old) crossing on foot the entrance of the tunnel.
I passed this part, took the U-turn and was glad to see the path back into the tunnel (which I was there earlier a few tasks back and about 45 minutes before) was kind of empty. Till just before the entrance, the car in front of me decided to slow down to look at something happening on our left, on the other side of the street.

Guess what?
There was this huge bus, apparently carrying the Nigerian Football Players that were supposed to play against the Egyptian Ahly Club earlier this evening.
The bus was surrounded with many police cars and police men.
Right away, I knew it, I knew why they were blocking the route to the Baron Hotel.
These players were staying there and the Ultras Ahlawy were there because of that.

Still that did not explain why El Merghany street was blocked thou.

Task 15: Get into El Korba, take a right after the church, drove straight, took the last right in the street, parked and VOILA … :D..  HOME SWEET HOME… :D…

Thank God, this went by easily and smoothly with no problems and within 5 minutes I was home parked and waiting for my grandma to open up the door.

I left work at 5 o’clock sharp, hoping to avoid the traffic and be home within 20 minutes.
I was home, in my living room, exactly 6:48 pm.
So in short it took me 108 minutes to get home.
Five times what it usually takes me.

P.s: El Merghany street turned out to be blocked due to some people demonstrating in front of the Presidential Palace, rendering this street unmovable. 

Anger Management (Traffic Jammed Cairo)

If you are Egyptian, or lived/live in Egypt or just visited Egypt; you would know what I am talking about when I mention Cairo TRAFFIC.

Yesterday night, on my way home from my aunt’s place, I got stuck in the one of the most annoying traffic jam I have ever got in to in Cairo.

For a journey that should take me 20 minutes to take, it took me an hour and a half to get to my destination. (About 4.5 times the normal time) 

I got so angry at one point that I couldn’t stand anyone to talk to me, even if they are sincerely trying to entertain me and cheer me up. One word was capable of making me furious.

My anger started to boil stronger and stronger:

with time,

with idiot drivers cutting in front of me,

with insanely slow drivers,

with (need to go learn how to drive all over again from the beginning) female drivers,

with taxi drivers stopping every second (trying to get new passengers),

with public transport buses stopping (anywhere and everywhere they feel like it) and dropping off passengers,

with the crazy honking micro-bus drivers,

with stray cats and dogs suddenly and stupidly jumping in front of my car to cross the street,

and with every single stupid junction or u-turn or traffic light.

All of this was happening to a person who had a headache, who wanted to get home to rest before needing to go to bed to start a new day at her work the next day.

My anger was unbearable, even to me, I was swearing everywhere and to anything that remotely made me annoyed, I even felt a heart burn from the too much shouting and anger I was portraying due to stupid traffic.

I am usually a pretty calm person, sometimes annoyingly calm in anger needed situations. So, to be that ANGRY……. I was totally convinced I am in desperate need for ANGER MANAGEMENT.

I am not used to be upset and annoyed that much, where I got so furious and angry, and where it all got out of hand.

I am not used to being that angry and need to learn how to control it.


All I could say yesterday was ….. : “I HATE…..” and I couldn’t finish the sentence, I couldn’t put my hand on one single thing I hated at such a situation. I hated a lot of things during my drive yesterday that I resorted to just HATING.

SO, to sum up = “I HATE..”