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8 Days for 27

18 days surpassing a whole month

I was checking my statistics when I noticed that within 18 days of writing and posting on my blog, I was able to surpass the number of visits I had for the previous month 😀

Now I am aiming to surpass the number of visits I had in January, 350…. here I come….




In just the first five months of 2013, and not by blogging every day, I tell you, sometimes I will go for days without thinking of adding something.
Out of Laziness mostly, not because I ran out of ideas, I seem never too.
I got me 888 visitors to my blog the past 5 months; easily surpassing my 2010 and 2011 number of visitors.
In 5 months I was able to get more visitors than I did in 12 months in previous two years.