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7 Days for 27

Yesterday seems to be my best days of likes, according to WordPress stats notification system 😀

15 likes on one day 😀

mosst views7 Days to go 😀

A week and I will be officially one year older 😀




I got me a “Visitor” from Aruba

I was checking out my stats today, and I noticed this.
Somehow something like this made me quite happy.
I got me a visitor, that viewed a post or a few from Aruba.

2013 blog viewing STATS

We are already 6 days into the new year and my stats seem to get better compared to previous Januarys in my previous years.

January Stats 20136 days into the new year and I already got me 101 views, where my highest in January was 219 views in 2010, nearly half way to that and in just 6 days into the month. 😉

That made me pretty optimistic for a new year, with being more determined to write more and blog more. 😀

All I can do now is keep on checking my blog stats, and keep on writing what interests me and writing more of these daily prompts (that seem to have the inspiration I need to write more posts 😀 )