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Blogging Trophies! Posting Goals :D

I know it has been a while since I blogged (as frequent as before I mean) and checking out the dashboard and settings and so on, I noticed many changes have been done.

For a change, I liked them, I usually hate any changes made in any of the virtual account systems, usually.

I loved this change!

And I definitely like the trophies page 😀

I am a prolific publisher as it says 😛

blogging trophies

Checking my settings I see the Posting Goals option, WoW :O impressed, I loved the idea, and checked it to be once a week 😉

Posting Goal

For once someone did something RIGHT 😀


7 Days for 27

Yesterday seems to be my best days of likes, according to WordPress stats notification system 😀

15 likes on one day 😀

mosst views7 Days to go 😀

A week and I will be officially one year older 😀



24 Days for 27

Checking my blog today, I got a new notification from wordpress; saying that I got me 500 likes on my blog 😀




I needed something to cheer me up in the morning after hearing some bad news late at night yesterday; it might be cool but it did not cheer me up thou…

Anyone have any good ideas to cheer me up?



In just the first five months of 2013, and not by blogging every day, I tell you, sometimes I will go for days without thinking of adding something.
Out of Laziness mostly, not because I ran out of ideas, I seem never too.
I got me 888 visitors to my blog the past 5 months; easily surpassing my 2010 and 2011 number of visitors.
In 5 months I was able to get more visitors than I did in 12 months in previous two years.