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Again as last year, and on the same day, the writing challenge prompt was “1984”, even though I wrote about it before in my post called: Daily Prompt: 1984 | The Double “S” Factor, this time all that got into my head was “George Orwell“‘s banned book “1984”.

Dear Reader; if you have not read the book (like myself), you could have watched the movie (which caught my attention to the existence of the book and leading to me adding it to the “To Read” list of mine)

Even though, the book was written in 1948 and 1984 has come and gone, Orwell’s eerie prophesied future had a crazy but realistic power on readers in the past and will definitely do on the coming generations. Portraying a scary and haunting notion of how our world could be, if what we feared the most came true.

Back to today’s writing challenge subject:

You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.

Again, I will mention by Double S Factor fear (which I blogged about before), the room would be filled with snakes and sharks (somehow).
Over that; the room will be totally dark and nothing but the hissing of the snakes and splashing of water from time to time could be heard.

“Fearing the fear itself. Is one of my biggest challenges” ~ Y.a.Z

Teacher’s Pet: for Better and Worse

Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse.
How is your life different because of him or her?

For the BETTER:

My year six class tutor, Miss Footman, a Scottish, tall, beautiful brunette. The sweetest and kindest teachers can get.
Because of her, I fell in LOVE with “Geography“, where she had these cool and fun toys to help us memorize the countries in each continent and their capital cities.
I loved playing with these toys.
I truly believe that my LOVE for TRAVEL, was seeded and rooted deep into my heart from that time onwards.
Especially my LOVE for Britain and Scotland in particular.

For the WORSE:

Whatever her name was, I wish my brain would forget her memory as it forgot her name.
Her name started with the letter D, Darin, Dorian, Darina; whatever it is, Miss “D” was one of the worst teachers ever.
She might not be a bad person, but her ideas of discipline was so bad, it scared the FRENCH out of me.
Miss “D” was my French Language teacher, and I honestly feared her enough to hate FRENCH as a language.
One of her favourite catch phrases was: “I’ll fly you out of the window” (Excuse her weird English)
Imagine a very shy little girl, really and honestly believing her teacher will really throw her out of the window.


Anyway; thanks to her, I hated FRENCH even though I was really good at it.

Apparently, (according to Mr. Peter; our Spanish, French, Deutsch teacher) I seem to be good in learning new languages.
So what a waste it was!!!

Now, I work in Import and Export and will have to deal with West African countries soon, the French-speaking regions in Africa. And I blame Miss “D” that I hated FRENCH to the point I did not pursue and continue learning FRENCH ((earlier)), since I needed it these days.
But what can a person do? Other than try to make-up for time wasted in the past.


Not again!

Why do the people who write-up the daily prompts; enjoy this topic? It upsets me to think of such times.

It hurts!

Well, today’s “365 writing prompts” challenge said:

Helplessness, that dull, sick feeling of not being the one at the reins. When did you last feel like that? And what did you do about it?

What are the chances? Fate? Coincidence? That today’s writing challenge prompt would be about Helplessness.

When did I last feel like THAT?

That was a simple question to ask and not so hard to answer.
Tonight, when I got the news that my dear dear dear grandmother passed away.

I felt so helpless,
Nothing I do will make her come back,
Nothing I do will make things better.
I felt so helpless,
just another mere mortal,
having to part with my dearest people to death.
I felt so helpless,
just another mere mortal,
taken over by the unknown
and surrendering to death one day
to join many others before me.
Nothing will help me to feel better and lose this feeling of helplessness.

Maybe only the faith in a better life and a better world after death, and my sheer determination to live my life to the best, (the way I would like it to be) can help me go through it.

My Favourite Person

This is the first one of the 365 writing prompts of 2014 that I do not like.

“What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favourite person? Tell us about it.”

How can you choose ONE favourite person? And why would you want me to recall such times and remember the feelings I went through and still are going through?

That is all I have for this prompt.


Christmas won’t be Christmas!

My 5th post into the 365 writing challenge of 2014, was for me to write the first sentence from my favourite book into a post.

I had a hard time choosing a book, I LOVE to read and it is not fair to say I have one specific favourite book.

In the end, I chose “Little Women

And the first sentence in the book said:

“Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents,” grumbled Jo, lying on the rug.

With the Coptic Christmas after two days, it was such an amazing coincidence and a great time to wish my friends Merry Christmas 😀