Hey! 😀

My name is Yasmine, but many know me as YAZ 😉 I’m just another person who loves to write and find it easier to express herself via writing. I have a bachelor in Pharmaceutical and biotechnological sciences (2008) and seeking these days for the perfect Masters program 😀

To my path to find the perfect job, it got me to the unexpected door of Medical Representative job (2009), I thought of opening it up. Trying it out before closing this route completely. Worked there for 6 months but by the end of that my mental being was so smashed, that it took me about 9 months to push myself to do something.

My search landed me in Biotechnology Masters in the American University in Cairo (2010), did one semester, and then the revolution happened. I simply decided to postpone the continual of my studies for a year at least, till I choose to continue majoring in Biotechnology or taking the MBA for example.

Thanks to my younger brother [I will owe you forever for it hun 😀 😉 ], I became a member of AIESEC, started matching on the system and got to travel for 3 months and work as a development trainee (volunteer work) in Malaysia and what an adventure it was 😀

Now back in Egypt became an official member of the AUCian AIESEC team for 2010 fall semester, you can say I tried everything and anything put on in front of me. I took on roles in ER, OGX, TM even though my official department was in Corporate-ICX. It was a short membership, for one semester, but I feel I got what I needed from AIESEC… for now 😀

It’s 2011, plenty have already happened, starting from an amazing winter holiday to a revolution to unemployment to marriages to death to landing a training position in a company to RAMADAN to Eid Festivities to births. To landing two positions in the company; one as in Training and Development department, and the Export Department. To business travel to Kuwait, to more marriages and more deaths :S That’s the highlights of my 2011 year till now.

Now where will my path take me next I wonder?

*Freshly edited on 18th of December, 2011 (with just 13 days left in this hectic and fully packed with events year ) *

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